6/26: Jefferson: Added photo of new St. 80 (Marrero-Harvey St. 80) and photos of new E888 (St. 88); Other Depts.: Added photos of E523 and E913 to SJBP Fire (St John Parish) and added photo of Service 825 to Zachary (East Baton Rouge Parish); St. Tammany Parish: Added New L23 (Madisonville FD 2 St. 23), new E124 (FD12 St. 124), E63 and Spare (FD 6 St. 63), E94 (FD 9 St 94), and remodeled Covington St. 1

5/2: ST. Tammany: Added L11 and L14 (STFPD 1 Sts. 11 and 14) and E93 (STFPD 9 St. 93); Jefferson: Added L377 (Kenner St. 37) and patches to Marrero Estelle, Kenner, and Live Oak Manor; Other: Added Antiques to Lafourche Dist. 2 (Lockport), E20, E23, E25, and HQ30 to Thibodaux (Lafourche FD), and added patches to LSU-FETI, BRFD, Prairieville, West Baton Rouge FD, Lafourche FD 3, Thibodaux, Franklin, Alexandria, Slaughter, Napoleonville

12/8: Jefferson: Added a patch to Crockett, New E748 (St. 74), New E958 (St. 91), New St. 91 (St. 91), C860 (St. 86), and Ochsner's Rescue 1 (Old) Orleans: Added old L2 patch (E14); St Tammany: Added new E122 (St. 122) and a patch to Covington; Other Depts.: Added patches to Pierre Part (Assumption Parish), Belle Chasse NASJRBNO (Plaquemines Parish), Point a la Hache (Plaquemines Parish), Boothville Venice (Plaquemines Parish), Norco (St. Charles Parish), St. James (St. James Parish), Lafourche Dist. 1 (Lafourche Parish), St. John the Baptist (St. John Parish), and to Zachary (East Baton Rouge Parish);Also added Choctaw Unit 512 (Lafourche District 8b) and Salvage 24, Salvage 29, Engine 19, and Air 1 to Thibodaux (Lafourche FD 4/Thibodaux), Houma Fire Station 4 (Terrebonne Parish), and Ashaway Tanker 415 (Washington County, Rhode Island).

Welcome to gnofirephotos.com, Southeast Louisiana's most comprehensive collection of fire department pictures and information.  This website will not only include fire departments from the Greater New Orleans Area (and from my other website www.jpfd.net), but it will also include photos that I have taken from other parishes and from other states.  I would like to thank every fire department official and everyone in general that has helped me obtain pictures and information.  Please have patience as I add more photos and information.  If you find any incorrect data please let me know, so I can examine/correct the issue.  Some station pages may not have current apparatus and may include trucks that are no longer in service/with the agency.  Photos posted include film, early digital, and advanced SLR in varying qualities. If you do not see your company on here and are in the area please contact me, and we can set something up.  Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the site.
                                                          -William "Matches" Cunningham
                                                                     Firefighter/Operator, Harahan Fire Department
Never Forget
Lee Road's (St Tammany District 6) Engine 63 and Spare Engine in Covington, Louisiana.
Covington Station 1 Bay Addition/Remodel in Covington, Louisiana.
Marrero-Ragusa's Engine 888 (Jefferson Parish District 8) in Marrero, Louisiana.
Fire District 12's Engine 124 in Covington, Louisiana.
Bigger and Better: Marrero-Harvey's Station 80 was rebuilt in the same spot as the old firehouse.
St. John the Baptist Parish FD's Engine 523 and Engine 913 in Laplace, Louisiana.
St Tammany District 9's Engine 94 in Sun, Louisiana.
Zachary Fire Department's Service 825.
St Tammany District 2's Ladder 23 in Madisonville, Louisiana.