8/9: Other Depts: Added patches to Port Allen (West Baton Rouge), to Broussard (Lafayette), to Schriever (Terrebonne), to the Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry (State of LA) and to Okaloosa Island (Okaloosa County, FL)

8/6: Jefferson: Added new E638 (St. 63) and Hose Tender, 645, new 665 (St. 64) to Harvey 6th District and added another photo of L947 (St. 94) to Westwego 9th District

7/18: Other Depts: Added a patch to Lake Hermitage (Plaquemines District 6), added a patch to Eastside (East Baton Rouge District 5), and added a photo of Denham Springs Chief 567 (Livingston); St Tammany: Added photos of E125 (FD12 St 125), new Rescue 1, Ladder 1, and old engine (Covington St. 1/2); Orleans: Added photos of Fire Prevention Cars 755 and 756 (Staff Vehicles)

6/17: Orleans: Added new patches to E38 (District 6) and to Rescue 2 (District 2) and added photos of Car 103, Car 570, and another photo of E17

5/9: Other Depts: Added patches to Lake Hermitage (Plaquemines Dist 6) and Des Allemands (St. Charles Dist 7)

4/28: Jefferson: Added updated photo of Old 860 (St 86) and a patch to Terrytown (5th District); Orleans: Added photos of St 18 and 21 and barn (St 35), Squad 7 (Squad 7/Rescue 7), water tender 2 (St 31), and Old Flying Squad (Flying Squad); St Tammany: Added new E22 and E23 (Madisonville) and new E15 (Slidell)

Welcome to gnofirephotos.com, Southeast Louisiana's most comprehensive collection of fire department pictures and information.  This website will not only include fire departments from the Greater New Orleans Area (and from my other website www.jpfd.net), but it will also include photos that I have taken from other parishes and from other states.  I would like to thank every fire department official and everyone in general that has helped me obtain pictures and information.  Please have patience as I add more photos and information.  If you find any incorrect data please let me know, so I can examine/correct the issue.  Some station pages may not have current apparatus and may include trucks that are no longer in service/with the agency.  Photos posted include film, early digital, and advanced SLR in varying qualities. If you do not see your company on here and are in the area please contact me, and we can set something up.  Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the site.
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                                                                     Firefighter, Harahan Fire Department
Never Forget
St. Tammany Parish Fire District 12, Covington, LA, Engine 125
Covington Fire Department, Covington, LA, Rescue 1
Harvey Fire Department, Harvey, LA, Hose Tender
Harvey Fire Department, Harvey, LA, Engine 638
Eastbank Consolidated Fire Department, Metairie, LA, Station 17 rebuild
Eastbank Consolidated Fire Department, Metairie, LA, Ladder 137
2016 Ferrara Inferno 107' (1 of 2 ordered. The other is in production)